Orlando and Sarasota

Oct. 21st - Nov. 2nd

Vistana Kitchen Second Bedroom At Vistana  


A Day at Epcot Lorene and Frank
In Front of Canada Beatles at England Showcase  
Four Tops Four Tops


Rock'nRollercoaster MGM Tower of Fear MGM Each Ear is 5000 LBS Split Herbies
Back Lot Tour Back Lot Tour Back Lot Tour


Parade at MGM To Infinity and Beyond Mary Poppins Muppets R2D2
Monsters, Inc. Aladdin Chip and Dale The Don and Friends The Don and Friends


Dear Frank and Lorene,

We are in a quandary as to why you no longer wish to associate with us.  What have we done or said to make you want to cut off our friendship?  What can we do to amend this rift and make things right?  We always had good times in each others company: going out to dinner, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, fishing, working out, working on the computer, shopping, etc.  It is a shame we no longer share this friendship after all these years.  Let us know what we can do to remedy this situation because our hearts and doors are always open to you.

Linda and Rich


Frank and Lorene's Place

Lorene and Frank's Place

My Bedroom

My Bedroom 2

Guest bathroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom 2

Master Bedroom



Living room



Dining area

Siesta Keys Beach Hard Rock Casio Tampa Hard Casino Losing Money
Dinner at Sarasota Looking for Sand Dollars Feeding the fish Lorene on Venice Pier Dinner at Pop's
Sunset off Venice Pier On Venice Pier Beached Whale    

Trip to Ringling Museum


Panorama of Courtyard at Ringling Art Museum